September 2021 Issue

U.S. solar stands at crossroads

Jonathan Gifford

pv magazine September edition is out now!

Pick up your copy of the September edition of pv magazine Global today for a detailed update on on solar and battery storage markets in the United States, which faces a tough decision between taking advantage of Asian imports or developing its own domestic manufacturing industry at the risk of slowing progress toward its decarbonization targets. And don’t miss our coverage from elsewhere in the Americas: In Mexico rooftop PV continues to thrive despite policy shifting away from private investment, and in Chile where investors await the results of a vital election coming in November.

The September edition is packed with the latest insights into:

Solar in the United States: A raft of new policy announcements at both state and federal levels as Washington looks to ensure growth ahead of 2035 decarbonization targets.

Lebanon’s recovery: A year on from the disastrous port explosion, Lebanon is struggling to rebuild its economy.

Mexico’s big green chill: Roadblocks to private investment and support to incumbent oil & gas giants have slowed Mexico’s energy transition. Opportunities to cut costs and improve lives are being missed.

Extreme weather resilience: Examining the latest innovations and cost considerations when it comes to ensuring a power plant can stand strong in high winds and heavy rain. And a look at the fallout from the Texas project destroyed by hail, as testing standards ramp up and insurers update their terms.

Power plant monitoring: Operators take to the skies as falling costs for sensors and imaging technology make drones viable. And new standards emerge for measuring bifacial performance in the field.

Revamping: A growing list of PV projects hitting the 10-year mark, not to mention those that are underperforming, means that revamping with all new components makes sense in an increasing number of scenarios.

High power modules: New requirements placed on the junction box, and a U.S. developer explains why modules won’t keep on getting bigger

Alongside all of this, pv magazine’s UP initiative continues its focus on green energy supply and procurement with articles focused on:

Sustainable debt: BloombergNEF research associate Maia Godemer examines the rise of sustainable debt products, and what the sector needs to do to avoid greenwashing.

Green certificates: Michael Claußner and Simon Göß of Energy Brainpool talk certification schemes for renewable energy supplies, and why green hydrogen has a role to play here.

Corporate procurement: Sam Kimmins, head of RE100 argues that governments over the world need to remove policy barriers and open new markets to competition from renewables.

As always, the magazine is additionally packed with our usual selection of expert columnists tackling the past month’s hot button issues and offering their take on the latest trends in technology, pricing and more. pv magazine Global is available in both print and digital formats via an annual subscription.

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